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[Sep. 25th, 2007|11:35 pm]
Hair Braiding Community


I just posted more pictures of my braids on my journal, feel free to look and comment, critique or ask how to :)
heres one of the new ones, maybe it'll make you wanna see the others :)

[User Picture]From: sister_sunshine
2007-09-26 05:03 am (UTC)


Ugh, I'm in love. Especially the one you used as the teaser. I'd love to know how to, but I'd have to do it to myself, and I don't see how that's going to work. I can do twists, but this...I don't know!

Thanks for sharing, the pictures are inspirational.
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[User Picture]From: braider
2007-09-26 11:26 am (UTC)
Does it start at the bottom right?
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[User Picture]From: unaspenser
2007-09-26 01:27 pm (UTC)
Wow do you have talent! Amazing work!
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[User Picture]From: braid_lover
2007-09-26 08:01 pm (UTC)
The teased one started at the top, I just made sure to have very little tension at the top where the bump is, and i pulled a little tighter on the sides to support it. Oh and it's tucked in at the bottom, the cool thing about french braids is that they kinda leave a tunnel under them, so it slid in perfectly, then I pinned it into place.

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